Our school library is open every day from 8:30am -3:00pm. The students at Jackson come to the library once a week as a class. During this visit, the students check in and check out books, take AR tests and use the reference materials for research projects. The library is also open after school on Wednesday from 1:30pm to 2:30pm for the same purposes. We hope to see you there!


Students cannot take AR tests at home. However, you can check your student's progress in AR by going to Home Connect. You can receive updates on reading progress, view a list of all books that have been read, monitor progress toward goals, see the number of quizzes taken and words read, search for the next book to read, view vocabulary words learned and create e-mail notifications.


Click HERE   to connect to Home Connect.  You need your student's password to view their records.

AR Book Finder

Remember, we have access to every AR quiz available. This means students can read books from our school library, the public library, home libraries- basically, a book that you obtained anywhere. To determine a book's reading level, interest level and point value, use AR Book Finder.


Click HERE to connect to AR Book Finder. You need your student's username and password to view their records.


The Livermore Public Library is a great place to supplement our school library. Not only do they have wonderful books and programs to enjoy, but they have a wonderful database that our students frequently use for school projects. It's called Kid's Place.  You'll need a Livermore Public Library card to access the databases.


Click HERE  to connect to Kid's Place.