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School Garden Grant and Opportunities

Our school garden has gone through many wonderful changes this school year. With the help of students, teachers, and parent volunteers, this space has truly bloomed. Our raised beds are growing fresh vegetables, students and parents have planted hundreds of flowers, and we have created special places for classroom instruction, free play and exploration within our garden.


Some of the recent happenings include:


We are proud to announce that our school garden has been awarded a $2000 grant from Whole Foods Market’s “Whole Kids Foundation.” We look forward to transforming our space even more with these resources.


Also we have been granted a small Rotary grant to help pay for a greenhouse that will be built for us as part of a Boy Scouts project.


Buena Vista Tree Service continues to support the beautification of our space through donations of wood chips, redwood stumps, and tree parts for fort building and imagination play.

We continue to have a thriving “garden club” that meets every Wednesday after school. It is free and open to all Jackson Avenue students when accompanied by a guardian. Planting, weeding, art projects, and digging in the mud are all part of the weekly fun!


Additionally, Mrs. Dion (TK), has created a sign-up for teachers to reserve the garden space during school hours. We encourage the use of this amazing resource, and can't wait to see what the future holds for our school garden.